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When people think of colleges in Alabama, a great deal of folks think about its rich tradition of football dominance. Fortunately, Alabama has a lot more to offer its potential students in the classroom in addition to the athletic fields. Over 60 colleges (public and private) are operating in the Yellowhammer State and are all governed by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. The biggest benefit the large number of schools provides Alabama’s students is the diverse course offerings that can be provided. A majority of the schools will provide multiple degree levels as well. So if you are seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree, you will most certainly find it in Alabama. For those curious about participating in online programs, a large portion of Alabama’s educational institutions provide most coursework over the internet. The benefits of offering web-based programs make Alabama an attractive place to advance your education. You are on this page because you are looking to begin the process of advancing your education, start your search today.

The following schools are offering students Alabama Career Advancement: