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To go along with its small population, the number of colleges presented to Alaska’s residents is also quite limited. In total, Alaska has about 10 schools (private and public), which offer multiple subjects and degrees, both undergraduate and graduate. Boasting a student-body of approximately 16,500 enrollees, the University of Alaska (at Anchorage) is Alaska’s most popular college. If you think you’re lacking opportunity to attend school full time because of your inhibited schedule, a great number of Alaska’s educational institutions offer the majority of their courses on the net. Simply by enrolling in a virtual training program, you will be able to sustain your daily schedule as well as completing the coursework when it is most convenient for you. It is often said that the initial step is the most difficult step to take. So begin the process today by searching for a school that will actually suit your personal needs.

The following schools are offering students Alaska Career Advancement: