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New York is home to more than 500 post high school education institutions. Because of this large number of schools, it is no wonder more students go to The Empire State to continue their education than any other state. The City University of New York and the State University of New York are the two high learning public school systems in the state and both offer multiple campuses throughout the state. The wide range of public as well as private school provide students a vast array or specialized coursework such as culinary, fashion, art and music. For those focused on participating in web based courses, the majority of New York’s colleges offer most programs over the internet. The advantages of offering online programs make New York an appealing destination to enhance your post high school education. It is often said that the initial step is the most difficult step to take. So begin the process right now by searching for a college that will actually suit your personal needs.

The following schools are offering students New York Career Advancement: