Finding a Career Training College for Education

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Finding a Career Training College for Education

There are many things to consider when you are thinking about a career training college for education. If you are thinking about becoming a teacher of any sort, or being involved in any way with education, then you will probably need to take some sort of a professional course to get started. In almost all jurisdictions across the country and around the world, the education profession is controlled strictly by only employing people who have the right professional training.

Depending on which educational institution type you are thinking of working in, this could take a varying amount of time and financial commitment.

Teaching in universities

The longest road to teaching is the one that ends in teaching at a university. Professors, lecturers and researchers must complete high school with a high GPA and then they must attend a four year university program in the subject they wish to teach. Usually, they then complete a Master’s in an education subject if they want to become a lecturer and if they wish to progress to senior lecturer or professor position, they must also complete a PhD. In many academic disciplines, a PhD is the minimum requirement to teach – on top of that, there may be extensive publications required as well as senior level teaching experience.

Teaching in colleges and vocational schools

If you wish to teach in these institutions then it is more hands on and practical. Language teachers need to have specific language teaching degrees and technical teachers will need to be experienced professionals in whatever subject they are teaching. These institutions are more designed for busy adults who are retraining or training in their careers for better prospects. Many of them are part time and teachers will work during the evenings.

Teaching in high schools

Going to a career training college is also absolutely necessary if you want to teach in high school. High school teachers must be certified by state education authorities and they also need to have a four year degree in the subject they intend to teach in. Following this, they will need to complete a one or two year degree in Education to be qualified.

After they have completed their studies they must sit an exam to become certified teachers and then they will complete a few hundred hours of experience in the classroom to become fully registered.

All of the above paths require a good education career training college.

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