Online Career Schools in Liberal Arts and General Studies

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Online Career Schools in Liberal Arts and General Studies

There are many online career schools in liberal arts and general studies which are available from an increasing number of prestigious universities. Over the years, more and more higher education schools have realized that they are able to reach a great number of people over the Internet. By embracing the Internet technology on offer they have been able to increase the area they are able to serve and educate.

Increasingly these courses are also becoming very low cost or even free in many cases. This has ultimately contributed to the respect that universities are gaining with the public sphere as institutions that really have the best interests of society at heart.

Vocational or academic training

Deciding on whether you are interested in vocational or academic training will depend a lot on your background and preferences. If you have spent the last 5-10 years in a technical or manual capacity, you might be really keen on getting into a more academic or research oriented specialization of your industry. But if you have been involved academically in the past decade, then either a senior supervisory role may be more your thing or you may like to be more of a researcher or a technician instead.

Then there is always the option to split from your company and start your own business. This might mean that you would have to add some business or marketing training to your online career schools choices.

Liberal Arts courses online

There are many liberal arts courses available online which can help you in a variety of industries. For instance, if you were to take courses in art history or architecture over the Internet, then you could create better results in your own landscape architecture or interior design business. And if you had some classes in history or literature, then you could also become a better writer if you are beginning to move more towards journalism or writing books about historical and contemporary subjects.

General studies – what are they?

General studies are economics, history, sociology and any other subject, like politics, that can affect large numbers of people. If for instance you are interested in running in a local election but you have no training or education in economics or politics, you could choose to participate in some online training in general studies to acquaint yourself with the basics so that you will be able to better serve your community.

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